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Agri-Industrial Hub Provincial government, National government, State Owned Enterprises and the private sector companies have partnered on agri-processing industrial cluster initiatives on the West Rand.
Sibanye-Stillwater, Merafong Local Municipality and the Far West Rand Dolomitic Association have made available approximately 30 000 hectares of land to facilitate the development of this agri-industrial hub. The project name is BOKAMOSO BA RONA INITIATIVE

Progress: A transaction advisor has been appointed to develop an implementation plan for the Agri-parks programme which will be merged with the Bokamoso Ba Rona Initiative to create one Agricultural plan for the West Rand. A Non Profit company (NPC) for agriculture (Agriculture NPC) is in the process of being registered to become the driver of this economic sector in the region. The NPC will be the ultimate custodian of the entire Agricultural Plan in the West Rand jointly managed by government and the private sector.

 Logistics Hub Maximum Group is planning to establish a unique industrial, International Agri City and Fresh Produce Market to be known as West Rand Mega Park in the West Rand. The Agri-City will include industrial and manufacturing to complement the development in order to enable value chain creation with local SMMEs.

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